Collaborative Investment Partnership, The Broome Model (Collective Impact, Social Impact)

Since 2013, KI, in partnership with local and other organisations has been working on the development of a unique Broome Model for Collaborative Social Investment designed for long term funding sustainability.

As access to public funded resources has diminished progressively in recent years organisations have been exploring alternative models for resourcing their services and the Collaborative Social Impact Investment model is one of the strategies that has been of interest for some time and at the local level, have invested some of our resources exploring how this might work as well as well identify initial focus areas.

We welcome Shell Australia on board through its social investment portfolio to support the development of this innovative model in the foundational stage.

The design stage of the model will take a minimum of twelve months work to be developed and will be applied to projects in parallel that will deliver outcomes in the area of social programme delivery.

Expected outcomes

  • The development of a sustainable funding model for the delivery of social outcome services by Community based organisations in Broome;
  • A framework for the quantification and provision of empirical data for Social Development Projects in Broome based on a Social Return on Investment principles;
  • A framework for the negotiation of Collaborative Social Impact Investment in Broome that enables a rigorous assessment and evaluation of the investment potential of the delivery of social development projects in Broome and the Kimberley; and
  • The development of material that explains and promotes the concept of Collaborative Social Impact Investment in Broome and the Kimberley as a future funding source for Community based organisations.